What We Do ?


Program on every expertise can be delivered as in-house trainings, public trainings, consultancy, and also audit/assessment. Some others programs may be customized programs i.e. Laboratory Management System, Calibration, Management of Document Control, Management Representative, System Gap Analysis, 5S/5R, Improvement System, and people assessment.


Deliver consultancy to clients comply with management systems and improvements which applicable to auto-develop by clients. Consultancy duration will be depended on scope, applied improvements, and improvements internalization.


Deliver trainings to clients in form of inhouse training, public training, seminar, short course, and also workshop applicable for clients’ needs. Topics can be special and specific which provide advance and technical knowledge for audiences.

Audit & Assessment

Deliver audit and assessment services based on specific requirements, as a preparation before certification, gap analysis, maintenance audit, and also assurance for customers, principle, and management to established system.

Mystery Shopping

Observe and evaluate business performance on wide perspective, especially from customers’ moment-of-truth point of view. Our mysterty shopping is member of MSPA Asia-Pacific.

What Clients Says​

Catalyst Consulting